linux-libre is a project to release 100% Free Software Linux kernel. Linux as distributed by kernel.org contains non-Free Software. The goal of this project is to maintain and publish versions of the Linux kernel that can meet the needs of users who seek freedom, and that can be easily adopted by 100% Free GNU/Linux distros and their users. We also provide gzipped tar balls of de-blobbed kernels for the compilation and use by other GNU/Linux distros and their more ambitious users.

blag-Add Linux-libre Repo File

If you want to run a free kernel using Linux-libre, you can configure a repository for Freed-ora kernels. To install kernel-libre and successively update them you need to add a linux-libre.repo file under /etc/yum.repos.d/ and then take a look at the wiki:
It will work with your blag 140k alpha.

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